“Nature’s Cruel Ballet: Giant Eagle’s Violent Display as it Rends a Leopard Cub on a High Branch”


Eagle is a large bird of prey, they live in every high mountain and primeval forest. Eagles are known as the king of the sky because they are extremely strong, fierce, good at fighting… and possessing strength that no other bird in the natural world can match.

Their main food is animals ranging in size from bats to the size of a young deer. From above, eagles can swoop down with great speed to catch and quickly knock down the young. bait.


Just a few weeks old, the cheetah had to face the rigors of the wild when it fell into the eagle’s line of sight. This is what caused it to die tragically.

After catching the young leopard, the eagle quickly brought the prey up to the tree to avoid being detected by the mother leopard and slowly enjoyed the feast.



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