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The Chase for Freedom: Buck’s Bold Move to Drown Wild Dog in a Desperate Escape


After being caught by a lone wild dog, this Nyala tries to escape by going in to the water, dragging the wild dog in with it. Fortunately, the Nyala’s screams attracts lions which indirectly save it!

Benji Solms a guide at Serondella had the privilege of witnessing this drama unfold and shared it with

“It all began with a lone wild dog chasing a female Nyala. However, the Nyala was not ready to give in just yet and swiftly outsmarted the dog. She jumped into the dam and managed to get out of harm’s way for now.”

Wild dogs, also known as African painted dogs, are incredibly skilled and efficient hunters. They are highly social animals, living in packs with a structured hierarchy. This teamwork is the key to their hunting success. They have an impressive success rate, with estimates suggesting that they are successful in about 80% of their hunts.

“The wild dog stood at the water’s edge and forced the Nyala to go deeper. As the Nyala got deeper into the water, the buck must have thought she was in the clear, but exhaustion started taking its toll on her. That’s when she started struggling to stay afloat. Her situation seemed hopeless as she struggled.”

Nyala and many other types of bucks lack swimming abilities. Although they might wade through shallow waters and navigate small streams, they lack adaptation for swimming long distances or in deep waters. Their bodies prioritize agility on land rather than in water.


“Just when it seemed like all hope was lost, an unexpected hero arrived on the scene—a lioness, casually walking from the opposite side of the dam. Curious about all the commotion, she came closer to investigate. With her two cubs by her side, the lioness caught sight of the wild dog.”

“Rather than getting a potential meal, the lioness decided to chase after the wild dog. With the wild dog now out of sight and the lioness distracted, the nyala could escape. She used the small window she was given and managed to run away, unharmed.”

Nature’s unpredictability often brings us to the edge of our seats, and this incredible experience is a testament to that. It answers the question of why people go over and over to these remote, wild places. It’s the suspense of not knowing what could transpire next that keeps people so glued to and addicted to these wild spaces.


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