“Dawn’s Champions: Hyena’s Relentless Fight to Ensure Buffaloes’ Breakfast”


Hyenas in the wild are also the top animals in the best predators and many times we see them ready to take large prey such as buffalo, rhinoceros or even hippos. But mostly it’s footage where they hunt their prey during the day and use large numbers to exhaust their prey.

A brand new hunting video of hyenas is making people love as they take down the buffalo at night and enjoy buffalo meat in the clear morning.

While it was still very dark and the other buffalo were sleeping soundly, the hyenas began to hunt. The hyena took aim at the old buffalo and began to attack it.

In the dark the buffalo could only cry out in pain but could not run away, the other buffaloes could not see anything to help.


The buffalo is eaten while still alive, the hyenas take turns enjoying each delicious piece of meat. The other hyenas probably guard the surrounding area to limit surprise attacks from the outside.

When it was just morning, the buffalo was exhausted and ready to die. At this time, the other buffaloes discovered the appearance of the hyena and tried to rescue the poor buffalo, but it was too late.

Then there is the hyena’s sweet moment as they enjoy their breakfast in the most comfortable way.


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