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On the Run: Turtle’s Duel with Jackal Ends Tragically as Honey Badger Strikes


Honey badgers are known for their stubbornness and bravery in fights with large animals such as lions or leopards. But they are also extremely intelligent at hunting and one turtle was recently the victim of a honey badger.

An amazing video was recorded on Youtube when a turtle escaped a jackal attack but failed to defeat the honey badger and paid the price.

The opening is a battle of jackals and turtles, jackals try to get into the turtle shell to attack but really jackals have no chance to do it.

The jackal soon had to give up because a fight was too difficult and had to starve to leave. Unfortunately for the turtle, it encountered the honey badger and the real battle began.


The honey badger met the turtle and began to attack continuously, it grabbed the turtle with its legs and used its strong teeth to pierce the turtle shell.

You can be seen that the honey badger is very smart when choosing a bite position and biting slowly to break the turtle shell. After a while of trying it also got the result of a delicious turtle meat meal.


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