“Predator’s Deception: Crocodile’s Involvement in the Cheetah’s Untraceable Disappearance by the Lake”


Have you ever wondered how scary crocodiles are. Just watching this video you will surely be terrified of the power of a crocodile.

The crocodile is said to have ambushed in a rather small lake in the middle of a large steppe. Its prey today will be the cheatah, an animal that runs the fastest in the world and is extremely intelligent.

Three new adult cheatahs are approaching a lake and it has no idea of ​​its impending danger. A brave cheatah approached the lake and took a sip of the best water.


Suddenly a crocodile from the water attacked and ended the life of the cheatah, just a few seconds later the cheatah had completely disappeared under the lake. Even the cheatahs on the shore could not understand why this strange disappearance?

Comments from viewers watching the video:

“Astonishing how close the croc got whilst remaining undetected.

I know it’s nature, but heart breaking to watch

Crocodiles are by far the scariest predator on earth. They outlasted the dinosaurs, and they’ve hardly changed since then.”


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