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“Sinister Presence: Headless Snake Unleashes its Wrath on Humans”


The incident started with a video posted on the Reddit Australian forum and quickly went viral. Video footage shows the snake with its head missing but still moving on the beach, trying to attack the man filming and inciting it with a tennis racket.

One netizen said the snake was dropped by a bird on the beach after biting off its head and part of its body.

Meanwhile, the man who recorded the video said he happened to see the snake while walking with the dog. The man wrote: “I think a bird dropped a snake on the beach. There are several birds of prey in this area.”

After the 2014 incident, a chef in China was bitten and died by a snake that lost his head, said Steven Beaupré, a biology professor at the University of Arkansas. reflexes after death The ions, charged particles in the nerve cells of a snake that remain for a few hours after death provide the energy for the body to move. When stimulated, channels in the nerve open to allow ions to pass through. This creates an electrical impulse that allows the muscle to perform a reflex action, such as biting.”


Steven Beaupré continued: “By the time the snake loses its head, the snake is already dead and basic body functions are gone, but there is still some reflex action. This means that the snake is capable of causing a bite and inject venom even when the head is cut off.”

The case of the snake in the video is likely to still have part of its brain after being attacked by a bird, similar to the case of Mike the headless chicken. Mike continued to live for 18 months after being beheaded. The chicken lost a large part of its head, but part of its brain survived.


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