“Giraffe’s Unwavering Love: Mother’s Back Kick Scares Lions Off Her Cub”


The clip was recorded by a tourist at Shamwari Game Reserve, South Africa.

Specifically, while feeding, the two giraffes mother and daughter became the target of the hungry lions. As soon as they discovered their prey, the lions immediately surrounded and organized an attack.

Before the enemy’s siege, the mother giraffe tried to fight the lion to protect her young. However, while the mother deer was chasing a lion, another lion attacked the baby giraffe.

It flew into the air, aiming for the neck to knock the baby giraffe to the ground. Fortunately, the mother deer returned in time and rescued the baby from danger.

Giraffe (scientific name Giraffa) is a genus of herbivorous mammals in the order of even-toed clogs. They are a special animal, recorded as the tallest mammal in the world thanks to their long legs and high neck. This herbivore lives mainly in deserts, open forests, savannas and is found almost exclusively in Africa.


According to records, the giraffe’s gallop speed can reach 55 km/h. That is, if they are short distances, they can catch up with racehorses.

With their huge body and high nutritional content, giraffes often face predators such as lions, wild dogs or hyenas. To deal with these predators, giraffes often run away if given the opportunity or else will use their long, strong front legs to attack.



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