Irritated Elephant Chased A Cowardly Lioness Up A Tree As It Entered Her Territory


In the Serengeti grassland, an irritated elephant chased a lion up a tree, setting in an extraordinary power battle. When the elephant noticed the lioness in her potentially fatal error of invading her area, the gray beast was hot on her trail.

The amazing photo was taken by Dalida and Andrew Innes, a married couple on a safari in Tanzania. The exhilarating chase, which apparently lasted at least four minutes, amazed the two, according to reports.

Mrs. Innes, 41, claimed that they had been watching a pride of lions gorging on a recent carcass. An elephant herd was nearby the tree where the lioness was positioned in the distance. She had grown apart from the lion pride that they were viewing.


The lioness in the tree suddenly bolted for the ground. She wasn’t alone, though; one of the elephants chose to go after her, according to Mrs. Innes. The elephant had been chasing the lioness for about a mile when she made the decision to hide in another tree.

The lioness was subsequently pulled off the tree by the elephant, who then stretched up to do the same. The elephant eventually gave up though. The lioness eventually descended from the tree and met up with her young. She must have been afraid since before attempting to flee for her life, she appeared to be stuck in the tree.


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