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“Survival Struggle: Boar’s Sacrifice and the Tragedy of Losing Her Baby to a Leopard”


An adult leopard in Kruger National Park, South Africa lies quietly on a tree branch, watching, a moment later it has identified its target. Its main dish today is humpback pig. In the meadow, not far from it, there was a herd of piglets and a mother pig.

The leopard started to act. It chose a nearby bush and patiently ambushed. Moments later, the baby humped pig came into view.

Immediately, the baby humped pig was attacked by the leopard. But at the same time, the mother pig immediately rushed to the rescue.


Rushing at high speed and using a weapon of sharp fangs, the mother wild boar rammed the predator into the air to create space for the cubs to have a chance to escape.

But racing with leopards is never the right thing to do. It only took a few seconds, despite the efforts of the mother pig, the leopard successfully captured the prey and carried it to safety in the tree.


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