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“A Desperate Quest: Seeking a Miracle for the Poor Baby Monkey’s Freedom”


Monkey has always been an intelligent animal and quite close to humans, the little monkeys show us cute and emotional.

An unlucky monkey in the circle of 4 lions is a sad video spreading on social networks.

The lion organized a hunt and this poor little monkey got lost from the herd when he couldn’t run away. It stood on a withered branch and tried to call for help.

Around the poor monkey are 4 lions and they seem to be playing with the fate of the baby monkey.

A lion slowly stepped up and played with the baby monkey. The baby monkey appeared scared and could not escape, it stretched out its small arm but could not stop the lion’s power.

It then jumped off the tree branch and tried to run away, but it was really small in the lions’ enclosure. The baby monkey are quickly killed and preyed upon by the lion cubs.

This heartbreaking moment is going viral on social media and you will cry watching it.


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