Moments of Tension: Cheetah Stalks Springbok as the Herd Observes with Bated Breath


A cheetah, not satisfied with one buck, decides to hunt another, and in the end, the cheetah kills two bucks in a matter of minutes.

Johan Seekles was able to capture the sequence of events on camera and shared it with

“As we were driving through the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, we stumbled upon an incredible sight: a cheetah was lying next to the road near Mata Mata camp with a springbok kill. It was clear that the cheetah had just taken down its prey and was now resting.”

Out of breath, the cheetah sat panting. We were sad that we were a few minutes late and missed the action, but it was still an incredible sighting. Patiently, we sat observing the cheetah when, in the distance, a herd of springbok appeared. We knew that we had to wait and watch as there was a possibility of witnessing some more action.”

Cheetahs are known for their incredible speed and agility, which they use to their advantage while hunting. They are the fastest land animal in the world, capable of reaching speeds of up to 70 miles per hour in just a few seconds.

They often stalk their prey for long periods, waiting for the perfect moment to pounce. Once they spot an opportunity, they use their speed to sprint towards their prey, overtaking them quickly and going for the kill.


They are the fastest land animal in the world, capable of reaching speeds of up to 70 miles per hour in just a few seconds.

“To our amazement, the cheetah decided to go for another hunt. With lightning-fast reflexes, the cheetah sprang into action and chased after its prey. The springboks scattered, but the cheetah was quick to target a smaller, weaker animal from the herd.”

Cheetahs have also adapted well to living in harsh desert environments, where food and water are scarce. They are able to go for long periods without water, as they can get most of their moisture from their prey. Their spotted coat also helps them blend into their surroundings and avoid detection from both predators and prey.

“The chase was short-lived, and in just a matter of seconds, the cheetah had successfully taken down its prey. It was an incredible sight to see, and the rest of the springbok herd watched on in disbelief. The cheetah then settled down again and began feeding on the second carcass.”


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