Even though the buffalo is alone, he is determined to fight the lion from morning to night so that he does not have to become a meal for the lion.


This incredible battle was recorded in the Savute region of Chobe National Park, Botswana. In the clip, an adult wild buffalo is being fiercely attacked by a pack of lions. However, the lions did not expect that they had to encounter a difficult prey.

Despite carefully calculating and mobilizing all members, the lions still could not knock down the buffalo.

Even when a male lion jumps on his back, the buffalo is still resilient. It even dragged the lions into the swamp to make it difficult for the predator.


Finally, after a long battle from dawn to dusk, the lions defeated the buffalo.

African lions and lions in general are powerful animals, with a very decisive and skillful way of hunting. Usually female lions hunt more than male lions, but in the case of large prey, the male lions will take action. The strength of lions is also reflected in the fact that they always hunt in groups with wise tactics.


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