The female elephant, even though she was bleeding profusely, still ran after and attacked the lion from her territory


To protect the cubs, the mother elephant chased, causing the lions to panic and climb up the tree to avoid danger.

Indian wildlife photographer Zhayynn James captured this dramatic moment at Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Tanzania. The great herd of African elephants has smelled the scent of lion predators.

To protect her cubs, the mother elephant decided to track down the lion. When the elephant saw the lions, the elephant roared fiercely and chased the lion.

The lions were scared and ran away. The lionesses quickly climbed the tree, while the smaller lions were afraid to hide in the bushes so that the mother elephant could not see.

“The lions crept up the tree, crept up the different branches. They were almost stacked on top of each other and watched carefully towards the ferocious elephants that had just chased them.” – James described


In the wild, female lions are considered apex predators, seeming to be more agile and flexible than male lions. But in fact, the strength of the female lion is not comparable to that of the male, especially when facing large animals such as elephants and buffalo.

A study in Disovermagazine said that 7 female lions can kill an elephant, while male lions only need two. Perhaps it is not difficult to understand when the whole herd of lionesses fled in panic in the situation of being threatened by the elephants.



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