“The Dog Savior’s Odyssey: Pushing a Cart Across the Country to Give Strays a Second Chance”


For the past 6 years, he has worked hard to save injured and sick dogs along the roads he passes. To date, he has pushed the cart to walk 14,000 km and saved nearly 500 dogs.

His compassion for this animal has touched many people.

There were many times when he met dogs that were so badly injured that they could not be saved, he lay down next to the animal on the side of the road so that the dog would not feel lonely in the last minutes.

‘No one saves stray dogs. But what hurts me the most is not the abandoned or injured dogs, but the people who caused this to them,’ he shared.

According to him, the problem is not animals or people, but empathy and a little love.


Over the past six years, he has rescued and found homes for nearly 500 injured and sick dogs. The path he chose to take was the border route around Mexico. He has just over 1,400 km left to complete his journey.

Edgardo has 3 dogs and they have been with him since the first day of his journey. In addition, he brought along other sick dogs that he had met on the road but had not yet been adopted.

Patuleco – a dog that can’t bend his knees – has been with him for 3 years now. The Sin Pata has only 3 legs. The kiwi had a skin disease, but it recovered. These dogs are all looking forward to finding a new owner.


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