“The Lion’s Share: Hungry Male Lion’s Labor of Hunger Ends in Culinary Bliss”


One of the lion’s favorite prey is the wild boar. However, catching wild boar is not really simple. They run very fast and often hide in burrows to escape the pursuit of lions.

Because of this, lions develop a completely different hunting skill than chasing prey. It’s a digging skill. Discovered a wild boar hiding in a dirt cave in Masai Mara Reserve, Kenya, the male lion digs hard.

Moments later, it grabbed the boar with relative ease. It seems that catching wild boars in a cave is less labor intensive than chasing them in the grasslands. As for wild boar, hiding in a cave is no longer a good option. Because if the lions find out, they only have to die.


It is known that humped pigs often choose to occupy the burrows of other smaller animals such as piggy banks instead of having to spend time digging for shelter. They make use of the burrow to sleep at night, as well as use it to protect their cubs from predators.

Usually, the piglets will enter the burrow first and then the mother so that they can fight back if the enemy chases too close.

Lions are probably very fond of prey like this, although it is a bit of a loss, but the amount of nutrition that a wild boar gives them is quite a lot.


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