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Logan Paul got bullied by MONKEYS with one raiding his bag while another chased the YouTuber in hilarious video


LOGAN PAUL was bullied by not one, but TWO MONKEYS during his trip to South Africa back in January.

The YouTuber turned boxer was filming some content for his social channels when two baboons accosted him.

And one of the primates was seemingly intimidated by the social media star, so much so it chased him by leaping from car to car.

The other baboon went through Paul’s bag before running off with a bottle of his recently-released hydration drink PRIME.

Paul shared a clip of the ordeal to his Instagram page with the accompanying caption: “WTF just happened?”

In the video, which has liked nearly 400,000 times, Paul asked: “What do I do?

“Not the camera. What do I do? He’s got the camera.”

Paul, who had just run away from the attacking baboon, then asked his cameraman about the other monkey, saying: “Is he grabbing my s**t.”

The cameraman replied by saying: “Yeah, he’s got your camera. He’s got PRIME. The monkey has PRIME!”

After the monkey that went through his bag ran off, Paul sought to reclaim his backpack without engaging its pal.

And luckily for him, he managed to scoop it up before the car-hopping baboon went for him again.

Apart from launching his hydration drink with KSI, Paul has been keeping a low profile since his exhibition bout with Floyd Mayweather.


But SunSport revealed last year that the Maverick was in talks to trade heavy leather with boxing legend Mike Tyson.

Paul confirmed the talks in an interview with SecondsOut, saying: “As of now there’s nothing – I mean, look we’ve been kind of talking about it, it’s been kind of possible for a little bit.

“It’s been pinned. Then there’s rumours started circling, whatever we didn’t say anything and then it got confirmed that it wasn’t happening.

“I was like reading the tweets and the social commentary and everyone was saying, ‘Tyson would f***ing kill Logan’.

“So a fight that I initially hadn’t even considered, is now like people actually don’t think that I would win, this is actually offensive.

“And I started getting upset and now I’m kind of considering it just to shut people the f*** up.

“I find it absurd that people don’t think I can beat Mike Tyson.”


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