“Swift and Frightening: Lions’ Astonishingly Quick Assault on Buffaloes Takes Everyone by Surprise”


Recently, wildlife photographer Marc Mol while exploring life and nature in the northern plains of Serengetis, Tanzania, was fortunate to capture a dramatic scene, when wild buffalo fell into the eye of death. of hungry lionesses.

According to photographer Marc Mol, at the time he discovered the incident, the wild buffalo was preparing to dive in the puddle to quench his thirst, and also to bathe and dispel the summer heat.

However, wild buffalo were too subjective, did not observe carefully. Behind it, far in the low bushes, a group of lionesses had long lurked.

As soon as the buffalo lost their vigilance, the fierce predators began to move quietly, close to their prey.

When they saw the right opportunity, they launched an attack from all directions, leaving the buffalo in a mysterious position, no matter how hard they struggled, it was difficult to get out.


However, the buffalo does not give up easily, as long as there is a chance, it will get up and run away, and find a way to knock off the bloodthirsty lions that are clinging to its body.

Usually, wild buffaloes often succumb to powerful and fearsome male lions. However, before the equally sharp and flexible attack of a group of lionesses, the buffalo also had to give in.

Finally, unable to escape fate, the buffalo was subdued and killed by a group of lionesses, becoming a delicious meal for the lions.


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