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A lucky day came to the antelope when the baboon was able to save it from the death that the leopard bestowed


The wild world is always full of conflict and death can come at any time. An impala that was supposed to be close to death was unexpectedly saved by baboons.

The wonderful video recorded and posted on Youtube has received millions of views and countless interesting comments from the audience. Everyone is satisfied with the ending at the end of the video.

In the video an unlucky impala was caught by a leopard after a high-speed chase. Leopards try to move their prey under a tree to avoid the eyes of other predators.


But surprisingly, the hunt was discovered by baboons and leopards encroaching on the baboons’ territory.

Baboons began to organize attacks and drive away leopards. Then it comes back and tries to wake the impala.

The impala was finally able to get up and survive the encounter with the god of death.


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