“Epic Encounter: Lions Underestimate the Camel’s Might”


The clip was recorded by BBC Earth channel in Patagonia, Chile. Discovering a herd of Guanaco camels engrossed in grazing, the cougar skillfully hid and approached them.

When they find a favorable position, the puma quickly launches a decisive pounce to capture its prey. Its hope was to aim for the throat and suffocate the Guanaco camel. However, because it encountered a difficult prey, even though it continuously jumped on its back to find a way to finish off the camel, the cougar was still fiercely counterattacked.


Even when supported by young leopards, the puma was still unable to kill the Guanaco camel and was also beaten to death by its prey.

At the end of the hunt, the mother leopard suffered injuries all over her body. It will certainly take several weeks for the wound to heal completely. But without food, its cubs will not survive long.

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