When Speed Matters: Leopards Outrun Sluggish Crocodiles, Ensuring a Gruesome End


The jaguar is often the most successful predator when it comes to taking down crocodiles both on land and in the water. Can leopards do these special skills with an extremely fierce fight with crocodiles.

A moment full of surprises will answer the question above. A leopard is holding an alligator in its mouth and quickly moves to safety.

The war was fought before that, when the crocodiles had to crawl ashore in search of food and that was an opportunity for the leopards to attack the crocodile.


A surprise attack from behind and a powerful bite to the head of the crocodile will take the life of the crocodile. This time the leopard performed brilliantly.

It then quickly flees with its prey in its mouth and avoids the attack of other predators.


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