The Crocodile’s Unseen Quickness in Securing its Prey


On a LIVE safari for WildEarth & Beyond Phinda guide, Busani Mtshali. he captured a video of 3 leopards and 1 crocodile.
The video has attracted more than 50 million views on youtube and a strong number of shares from viewers.

The wild is an intriguing place. You can be caught in the wrong place, at the wrong time, in front of the wrong opponent, no matter who you are.

In this video we see a ranger watching a mother leopard and two cubs. Leopard’s mother is drinking water from the lake to quench her thirst.

At this point the ranger noticed something unusual in the water near where his mother was drinking, but he was in the car so he couldn’t do anything about it.

What happened next was a truly heart-wrenching encounter. the well-hidden crocodile suddenly appears out of nowhere and viciously grabs the cub from the bank of the watering hole, dragging it into the water.


Arguably the saddest moment of the clip is when the camera pans over to the mother cheetah and her remaining cub as they watch helplessly while the crocodile drags the cheetah to its death.

The crocodile dragged the mother leopard to the middle of the lake and hid it in the water and the baby leopard never saw her mother again in her life.

‘Sometimes nature can be harsh and difficult to understand. While we would prefer scenes like this to have happier endings, every animal has its role to play in the ‘circle of life’, even the crocodile,’


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