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While trying to catch the snake that was lurking beneath an air conditioner on live streaming, the snake catcher was bitten by a lethal eastern brown snake.


An expert snake catcher live-streamed the moment he was bitten while attempting to trap a dangerous eastern brown snake.

On Friday, Tony Harrison was visiting a residence in Pimpama, 50 kilometers south of Brisbane, when he was startled by the reptile.

on the video, Mr. Harrison is seen lifting an air conditioner when the snake pounces and bites the seasoned snake catcher on the thumb.

Before a woman asks if Mr. Harrison is well, Mr. Harrison can be heard groaning in pain.

On Saturday, he posted on Facebook to reassure his fans that he was healing and to thank the paramedics for providing first treatment so fast.

He declared, “Right now I feel good, terrified, but nice.

Since I have anaphylaxis, even the smell of snake blood causes me to swell up, thus the fact that this isn’t happening right now is encouraging.

Despite being bitten by the second-most venomous snake in the world, his partner, Brooke Harrison, told the Daily Mail Australia that his first reaction was to capture the threatening animal.

She claimed that after continuing to catch the snake, he wrapped it up before calling an ambulance for himself.


Mr. Harrison was taken to the hospital in a life-threatening situation and might not have survived if he hadn’t been bitten by a brown snake years previously, which gave his immune system time to develop a tolerance to the poison.

“He was probably saved from death by a bite about 18 years ago,”

His safety had been determined by the initial round of blood tests from the hospital, according to Ms. Harrison, and hourly follow-up examinations were being performed.

They are keeping him under surveillance for roughly 12 hours, but she said that he should return to work the following day.

A snake catcher getting bit, according to Ms. Harrison, is uncommon but not unheard of.

Naturally, if you play with snakes occasionally, you’re going to get bitten, but as long as you’re not acting foolishly, you should typically be fine, she added.


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