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“Last Breath: Cobra’s Merciless Termination of a Python’s Life”


The king cobra engages a roadside python in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand in a battle for survival, biting and killing its strangling opponent. The battle of the snakes appeared in a video posted by the Daily Mail.

Anuchit Pricha, who witnessed the incident, watched the battle of two reptiles, which tried to prevail. The two predators struggled to their death in the bushes by the side of the road, and then rolled onto the road in front of passing motorists.

The video shows how the python wraps its muscular body around the cobra and tries to strangle it, but the opponent sticks his teeth into his opponent’s neck.


“The snake fought for its life and for the chance to satisfy its hunger. I am so lucky to have witnessed such a rare event,” Pricha said.

The cobra tries to hold out long enough for its deadly poison to weaken the python. As a result, the python loosened up and slowly died, after which the cobra swallowed the entire opponent.

Pythons kill their prey by strangling to death, while cobras bite the victim’s neck injecting deadly poison. Some snakes, including cobras and pythons, are cannibals as they compete for food and territory.


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