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After 3 hours standing in the 45c sun, Tiger was given the opportunity to kill the leader monkey to satisfy his hunger in the hot sun.


Narayan Malu witnessed rare tiger hunting in Bandhavgarh tiger reserve, Madhya Pradesh state, central India. We stayed near the lake and a herd of langurs was also around. They often come to lakes like this to quench their thirst and eat the abundant food nearby.

Monkey langurs spend most of their time living in trees. Trees are not only a safe shelter but also provide food for them. The langur’s diet consists mainly of leaves, in addition to fruit and bark.

This lake is frequented by a tigress. We looked for it but didn’t expect much because the monkeys were there and looked very comfortable, Malu said. But then she noticed slight movement in the distance. When she took a closer look, she was delighted to realize it was a tigress. It is well sheltered and hidden among the trees that surround the lake.

The tiger carefully observed the monkeys. Then it suddenly jumped out and grabbed an unexpected monkey and dealt a fatal blow.” As chaos broke out, the whole forest echoed with the howls and hisses of bewildered monkeys.


This only happens for a brief moment, then the whole forest goes silent as if nothing happened,” added Malu. Finally, the hunter carried his reward into the bushes and started grabbing head.

Tiger is one of the big cats in the world. Despite its huge size and body mass, tigers have a very good camouflage ability. The jungle provides an ideal hiding place for them.

Tigers are formidable predators and will make the most of any opportunity. Their prey is quite diverse, from small primates to medium-sized antelopes. Tigers usually hunt in the dark, but can also hunt during the day if the opportunity arises.


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