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The painful monkey received a tragic ending when he had to face the leopard death


The leopard is famous for its excellent hunting ability, it can successfully capture terrestrial prey with its great speed and sharp teeth.

Underwater prey is also not difficult for leopards. Leopards are also known for their ability to hunt in trees and in the air.

A newborn baby monkey was stray in tree and leopard decided to show off hunting skills in this case.

A lost mother monkey is hiding on a tree branch about 5m high but unfortunately its cry for help has attracted the attention of the leopard and it is trying to approach the baby monkey.

Noticing the leopard’s appearance, the baby monkey tried to climb out of a small tree branch and keep his distance from the leopard, the baby monkey was too young to realize the danger of the leopard.


Leopards try to approach the monkey and make a jump from above to hunt. The leopard successfully captured the baby monkey and fell from a height of 5m.

It then landed safely and enjoyed a dessert of the poor monkey’s meat.

The video was posted on Youtube and attracted the attention of the audience, many people expressed their condolences for the monkey and many people expressed surprise at the leopard’s hunting skills.


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