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Unforgiving Nature: Rock Python Executes Merciless Attack on Impala, Tormenting its Distraught Mother


There is nothing more painful than watching your children being captured by a giant python and unable to do anything.

A mother impala was left in a sad situation as if she had been a witness to her cub’s death and could only watch as her baby slowly disappeared in the python’s belly.

That painful moment was recorded and posted on Youtube, the painful video has more than 16m views along with countless sad comments about the impala’s fate.


After many hours, the python also completely swallowed the impala into its stomach and became bigger than ever.

Some of the top comments:

Deepest Sympathy to Poor Mother Impala~“ ;“(

Eats a filling meal, then gets stranded to be eaten by other predators. The price you pay for biting more than you can chew.

poor baby!!…i know it’s nature but i still feel bad!!…


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