“Wildlife Drama Unfolds: Leopard’s Merciless Act Turns into an Adoption Story”


Baboons do not have many enemies in the wild, and one of the few threats to their lives is the leopard, a predator with a fearsome speed and climbing ability.

The cheetahs in Luangwa National Park, Zambia are skilled baboons hunters. However, when confronting swarming prey like baboons alone, jaguars still face risks.

This time, the jaguar ventured to attack the baboons and it succeeded. A seriously injured baboon lay on the road while the rest were standing nearby, making a threatening sound.

After causing the injured baboon to lie down, the jaguar gently glides over to its prey. The appearance of the jaguar caused the baboons to go crazy, constantly calling to warn the enemy.


Meanwhile, the wounded baboon limped weakly toward his pack. But it failed when the jaguar noticed the situation, it rushed to grab the prey by the neck and carried it to the bushes surrounded by the baboons.

The confrontation only ended when the baboon was preyed on by the jaguar’s mother.


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