“Nature’s Silent Warrior: Mantis’ Bird Hunt Resolves the War in the Blink of an Eye”


If you think the praying mantis is a harmless insect, almost like a Zen master with a passive attitude, prepare to have your world turned upside down.

Researchers have found that these aggressive carnivorous insects, known to eat small frogs and lizards, also kill and eat small birds.

A great video on Youtube proves the horrifying truth when a mantis attacks and eats a hummingbird.

The mantis in the video ambushes atop a human feeding device, which is frequented by hummingbirds.

At first, people didn’t know what mantises did, and hummingbirds didn’t care much for mantises either.


After several missed attacks, the hummingbirds seemed more cautious. But in the end there was still a prey that fell into the mantis’ trap.

The hummingbird thought it could enter in 1 second and then fly out, but did not expect the mantis to attack so quickly in less than 1 second the hummingbird had to die.

After catching the hummingbird, the mantis began to use its teeth to finish off the opponent. Then enjoy a delicious meal.


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