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“Against All Odds: Wildebeest’s Valiant Struggle against 200 Wild Dogs”


Wildebeest are warriors that are not easy to defeat. Lions, leopards or many other predators can fall before the lion’s horns.

The incredible and painful moment the wildebeest fights about 20 wild dogs with a huge wound.

The fight lasted about 10 hours and the wildebeest was still able to stand. The wildebeest was exhausted and unable to run away, it struggled to stand against the onslaught of wild dogs.


A painful wound in its tail was actively attacked by wild dogs, the wound grew larger but the wildebeest remained standing.

The wildebeest’s digestive system is also gradually attacked and it remains standing until the end of the video, fighting to the very end.

Wildebeest is a worthy warrior in the wild.


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