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Overwhelming cuteness Taronga Zoo’s three new young spider monkeys become its main draws.


Taronga Western Plains Zoo is celebrating three adorable new simian additions in time for the school holidays.

The three spider monkey babies, born across the space of a few months to mums Rosa, Hiccups and Jai, are playing an important role in the survival of their critically endangered species.

Factors such as habitat loss, hunting and the exotic pet trade have imperilled the South American apes, making Taronga’s breeding program all the more vital, primate keeper Sasha Brook said.

The three young females are flourishing on the zoo’s primate island near Dubbo as they learn to eat, play and climb.

Spider monkeys’ long limbs and dexterous tails are perfectly adapted to their strictly arboreal lifestyle.

Weighing just a few kilos, the babies can be a confronting sight, with bulging black eyes and scraggly black hair that barely covers their tiny heads.


‘It’s really exciting to have three new babies and to see the whole troop pitching in. It’s a real family affair,’ Ms Brook said.

‘Hiccups has always been a really good aunty to the other babies we’ve had in the troop but hasn’t had offspring herself for a really long time, so it’s really nice to see her having a baby of her own.’

Visitors eager to see the pint-sized primates during the Easter holidays are advised to come during feeding time, between 12.30pm and 1pm daily.




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