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Viewers were shocked to see the man catching the extremely poisonous king cobra with his bare hands


An incredible video shows a volunteer in T controlling a massive king cobra with using his bare hands. Residents of the Krabi region in southern Thailand phoned the after noticing the snake trying to hide in a septic tank and slithering through a palm, according to the news website Thaiger.

The gigantic cobra was estimated to be 4.5 meters (almost 14 feet) length and over 10 kilos in weight. Sutee Naewhaad, a volunteer with the Ao Nang Subdistrict Administrative Organization, needed around 20 minutes to capture the snake. The snake was lured into a public road by Mr. Naewhaad, 40, before he began his attempt to capture it. Evidently, the king cobra was attempting to avoid being caught. Occasionally, the snake sped up with its mouth open, but Mr. Naewhaad was able to avoid it.

The king cobra, according to the snake catcher, was safely returned to its natural habitat after being captured. He asserted that the snake was presumably looking for its mate because locals had just just killed another cobra. Mr. Naewhaad discouraged others from trying to catch snakes, saying that his skills are the result of years of experience.

Only the southern and southeast areas of Asia are home to the king cobra, a species of poisonous snake. It is the longest snake in the world, growing to an average length of 10 to 13 feet. One of the largest king cobras (18 feet and 4 inches long) ever documented lives in T, which has a sizable snake population.

According to Coconuts Bangkok, a huge king cobra was recently found at a restaurant in Thailand’s southern city of Nakhon Si Thammarat.

The restaurant owner views the cobra as a lucky sign despite the fact that it is an extremely frightening animal.

A picture of a snake catcher clutching a cobra was shared on Facebook by the proprietor of the restaurant, Kanchana Saeton.


A 5 m long snake that a man tricked out of hiding is held in his bare hands.

Diners observed a snake outside the restaurant’s restroom, according to Kanchana, and they immediately warned her.

Kanchana, like many Thais, thinks snakes are spiritually significant animals. She consequently stated online that the king cobra might be considered a “native” of this area.

The photo’s caption read, “This land is very sacred,” written by Kanchana. “Today is the first time I’ve met him in the ten years since I originally started this business. All I did was fantasize about him.

Coconuts claims that after that, residents released the snake close to Yai Si Wang cave.

A man is seen chasing a cobra, the longest venomous snake in the world, into a small, dark sewer in the daring snake-catching video.

The cobra struggled in the water, trying unsuccessfully to slip back into the conduit before being caught by the tail.

On Sunday, a security guard at the building where the king cobra was initially seen requested assistance.

In addition to myself, seven lifeguards went there, according to Kritkamon Kanghae, 26. The residential neighborhood was constructed on land that was formerly a rainforest, this individual added.

The third-largest snake they discovered, according to Kritkamon, was more than 4 meters long, weighed 15 kg, and measured more than that.

There are many different types of reptiles in Thailand, and this Southeast Asian nation is also extremely known with various cobra species.

In the Thai capital, where the Fire Department is responsible with responding to resident alarm calls, snakes are becoming a bigger nuisance for citizens.

Because the reptiles assist in controlling rats that can endanger crops and food, authorities are still hesitant to get rid of them.

But the king cobra primarily consumes other snakes, particularly rat snakes.



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