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Snake eggs are you curious about snakes laying eggs or giving birth?


Did you know there are over 3,600 species of snake living throughout the world? Certainly, snakes are interesting creatures to observe and study. Some snakes have an array of brightly colored scales while others are dull in color. There are species of snakes that live in the water, on land, or both. Some of the most amazing facts about these reptiles relate to their breeding and egg-laying activities.

Snakes lay eggs or give birth ?
If you’re interested in breeding pet snakes, or you live in an area populated by wild snakes, you might be interested in how many eggs snakes lay per clutch. Most snake species lay eggs, although some give birth to live young.

When is the Breeding Season of a Snake?
In temperate climates such as the U.S., snakes will lay 1 clutch of eggs each year. This is almost always in the early summer due to brumation. They hide in rock crevices, burrows, and holes until the early spring. This enables them to keep their body temperature at a safe level. When temperatures begin to rise, snakes come out of brumation and search for a mate. Snakes experience different seasons at different times.
It takes 1-2 months for snakes to lay their eggs after mating. However, some female snakes can retain sperm and use it to fertilize eggs at a later date.


How Many Eggs Does a Snake Lay?
Snake eggs are usually bright white, soft, and leathery. How many eggs a snake lays at once will depend on two different factors: Snake species and Snake’s size. Snakes that are small in size tend to lay fewer eggs than larger snakes. Some small snakes lay as few as 10 or as many as 30 eggs. A large snake-like python can lay 100 eggs or even more in some cases.

Where Do Snake Eggs Come Out?
Snakes have a specially modified part of their body called a cloaca. The cloaca deals with all waste from the snake’s body, all at once. It’s also what female snakes use for both mating and egg-laying.
So, snakes lay eggs from their cloaca. Well, most snakes, but not all.

How Long Do Snake Eggs Incubate?
Once a snake lays her eggs, it usually takes about 2 months for them to hatch. The majority of snakes lay 1 clutch of eggs per year. They will go through a period of inactivity in fall and winter, before emerging in the spring to mate. It will be early summer by the time she lays her eggs. This means that her eggs will hatch in June or July.


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