Hippo’s Conscience: Guilt-Stricken Animal Runs from Fierce Lion Attack


The hippopotamus is a giant animal with thick skin and it is very difficult to take down such a large animal. But lions are the best predators and it can totally do it.

The mature and healthy hippos are impregnable, the rest of the sick hippos and baby hippos will be the prey of the lion.

Lions often have to hunt in groups to increase their success rate in a life-and-death fight with hippos, and they often choose baby hippos for meals.


A fierce fight below when 4-5 lions struggle to attack a baby hippo.

The baby hippo is surrounded and trying to escape, the fight seems to have been going on for a long time and the baby hippo is gradually exhausted. Lions cannot penetrate the skin of a hippo.

But the end result is still a victory for the lion and he finally gets to enjoy the meal.


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