“Defying Nature’s Challenge: Buck Thrives Despite Horn’s Grip”


This Gemsbok is seen crying for help as its horn has grown in a deformed manner and pierced through its neck!

Pieter Venter, a 47-year-old self-employed individual, captured the sighting during a trip to Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park and shared it with

Pieter recounts, “On our way back to Tweerivier from Mata Mata before the gate closed at 6, we made a stop at Houmoed waterhole. It was the perfect time to admire the golden hour, hoping to catch a glimpse of some wildlife. Little did we know that this evening would bring a sighting like no other.”

As he sat at the waterhole, his anticipation grew. Pieter continues, “We hoped to see some animals at the waterhole, and there, we spotted a Gemsbok. At first, it appeared like any other Gemsbok, but as we looked closer, we noticed something extraordinary—its horn had pierced through its neck, and it was clearly in distress, crying out for help.”

The sight was both fascinating and distressing. “We were torn,” Pieter explains. “We wanted to help, but we also knew we couldn’t interfere with nature. So, after some deliberation, we made the difficult decision to leave the Gemsbok behind and continue with our drive.”


“It was very rare,” Pieter admits. “I’ve never seen anything like it before. It reminds us to enjoy the small things in life and always be on the lookout for the unexpected wonders of nature.”

Intriguingly, Pieter was alone during this encounter, making it even more special. “Being alone in the wild is a unique experience,” he says. “It allows you to truly connect with nature, and moments like this make you appreciate its beauty even more.”

Pieter’s love for nature is evident in his words. “I wish I could have done something to help the Gemsbok,” he confesses. “But sometimes, we have to let nature take its course and remember that every moment in the wild is a valuable lesson.”


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