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“Guardians of Their Own: Baboons Defy Danger, Chasing Leopard to Reclaim Fallen Companions”


Leopard learns a lot of hunting skills, they often hide and capture unfortunate prey and run slowly. It rarely chooses to hunt for a dog -head monkey because the intelligence and vigilance of the dog’s head are very high.

A Leopard is trying to try a dog -head hunting hunt with a speed race. It is trying to approach a herd of dogs who are earning in an empty ground.

Leopard lowered his body and hid under the bumpy terrain. A dog -headed monkey is looking for food in a hole that has quickly become the target of Leopard.


Leopard quickly took part in the opportunity and started the race, the dog’s head monkey then discovered danger and started running away.

The race was dramatic, but the dog’s head was eventually failed with a wound on the neck and arrested by Leopard. Other dog -headed monkeys tried to approach to chase Leopard and rescue the monkey captured.

But all ended, the monkey died by a critical attack of Leopard. Leopard only hunts small animals like dogs when they are raising children and easily bringing food to the nest.


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