“In the Realm of Giants: Lion’s Epic Battle with the Towering Mother Giraffe”


Giraffes are the tallest and most characteristic animals in the wild, they can run quite fast and have extremely powerful kicks. This is its special weapon.

But the lion with the bravery and status of the kings of the wild can still defeat the giraffe.

The lion will perform the chase and jump on the giraffe, when the giraffe loses balance and falls to the ground, the lion will rush to and attack the giraffe’s weak point and end the fight.


In the wild such moments are very rare and lions often choose to hunt giraffe calves to make it easier to succeed.

But to hunt the baby giraffe, the lion must also go through a fierce battle.

The baby giraffe is also not easy to take down and it went through an intense battle with the lion


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