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“In the Grip of the Cobra: The Lion’s Agonizing Defeat and Relentless Torment”


The cobra is a venomous snake belonging to the family Elapidae. It is known for its iconic hood, which it can expand when threatened or agitated.

Cobras are known for their potent venom and their ability to deliver venomous bites. The venom affects the nervous system and can be deadly to their prey or potential threats.

Cobras are typically active during the day and are highly adaptable, inhabiting a range of environments such as forests, grasslands, and even urban areas. They dominate feed on rodents, birds, frogs, and other snakes.


It’s surprising if you witness a confrontation of a cobra with a lion king. The lions will choose to stay away from the cobra, but there are still some cases of lion snakes attacking the cobra and receiving a painful outcome.

Cobras living in the wild carry a lot of poison in their bodies and with just a small bite, lions can shed their gills. But those painful moments will last and torment the lion.


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