Avenging Fury: Antelope’s Horn Becomes a Weapon of Retribution, Repeatedly Attacking Zebras in Defense of Her Poor Child


The mother antelope risked her life against a herd of zebras to save her baby. Will the power of motherhood be enough to help the mother antelope defeat the fearsome predator?

The clip, recorded by a tourist in South Africa’s National Park, shows the moment a herd of wildebeest is running across the lawn when it encounters a herd of zebras also looking for food nearby.
When they saw the mother and baby antelope playing in front of them, the two zebras waited for the mother antelope to run past before attacking the young. The mother antelope, when she realized that her baby was attacked by a zebra, immediately returned, trying to use her horns to fight the predator to find a way to rescue her baby. Unfortunately, the power of motherly love is not enough to help the mother antelope save her baby.

In the end, with the effort and tenacity of the mother antelope, she quickly used a fatal blow to finish off the zebra. After the fatal blow, the zebra realized the wrong ending when he dared to attack the wildebeest. Wildebeest are highly herding animals, in which the young will be protected by the adults, which is why predators often wait for the young to separate from the herd or the adults. negligent to attack the young antelope. However, it is not clear why in the clip above, the wildebeest herd is quite indifferent to the young being attacked by the zebras.

By the end of the war, it has attracted more than 20,000 views recording the dramatic and bloody hunting process. Let people realize one thing that not all herbivores are gentle, sometimes they also contain an evil nature.


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