“Protecting the Innocent: Lion’s Daring Attempt to Save the Calf”


In order to save the calf from the sharp claws of two hungry lions, the mother buffalo and the whole herd rushed forward, using her sharp horns to attack, causing the two lions to run away.

This terrifying battle was captured by South African photographer Jay van Rensburg in Kruger National Park (South Africa).

While hunting, two hungry herds spotted a herd of wild buffalo and they targeted a calves.

Although the calf tried to run with the pack, the two lions still caught up and grabbed the prey.

After catching their prey, they used their strength to knock down the calf, leaving the calf exhausted and lying still waiting to die.


At that moment, the whole herd of wild buffalo suddenly stopped and some of them approached where the calves lay.

While most of the buffalo herd was still afraid of the attack of the lions, the mother buffalo bravely rushed forward, using her horns to ram at the “one who intends to eat” her child.

With a powerful headbutt, the buffalo knocked two lions away. In the end, the two lions gave up and walked away quite a distance.

The calf got up and staggered after escaping. Meanwhile, the mother buffalo is still watching the pair of lions to watch.


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