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Adorable photos show gorilla pleading with his friend for carrots but he’s left empty-handed


There’s fierce competition for carrots when it comes to dinner time at Paignton Zoo.

These fascinating photos show two huge lowland gorillas arguing over the vegetables, with one pleading with the other to hand over one of the two carrots he’s seized last week.

The funny photographs, taken by zoo visitor, show alpha male N’Dowe walking up to the less dominant Kivu and putting out his hand out as if waiting for the treats to be handed over.

They then appear to have an exchange before an upset N’Dowe, who is the highest ranking of the group, is forced to back down.

The photographer, who asked not to be named, said: ‘You can see N’Dowe walk out looking mean, approach Kivu and demand that he hand over the carrots he had already collected.


‘Kivu backed off slowly, but did not hand over his carrots. So, from looking at his face, N’Dowe looked rather upset but was given some tomatoes by the keeper, so it was a happy ending,’ they said.

Gorillas have a pecking order with the strongest – N’Dowe – usually getting first pick.

In most cases the lower ranking will submit to the higher ranking but on this occasion Kivu was victorious.

The two gorillas are part of the Paignton Zoo charity’s bachelor group and play a vital role in international gorilla conservation.


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