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Two of the world’s deadliest reptiles fight to the death – before triumphant red-bellied black snake struggles to eat its rival


Amazing footage of a life and death struggle between two of Australia’s most deadly snakes has been captured.

Stunning images of a red-bellied black snake attacking and then eating a smaller brown snake were captured on Saturday on a dirt track in Myponga in South Australia.

The video which was posted to YouTube shows a small highly venomous brown snake stuck in the jaws of a large red-bellied black snake.

According to Sean Shaw, who posted the video, he watched the red-bellied go after the brown and chase it across the street before catching up to it and attacking it.

The brown snake bites the larger snake repeatedly in an apparent attempt to escape the larger predator’s jaws, but the bites appear to be in vain.

The brown snake is also shown attempting to escape, but the red-bellied black snake’s hold on the larger snake seems unyielding.

Two minutes into the fight, the image breaks away, then reappears to show the brown snake getting swallowed by the larger predator.

The snake’s eyes may have been larger than its belly, according to Mr. Shaw, who told The Advertiser that the event lasted for around 30 minutes.


“The brown snake was about halfway down its throat when we left, but (the red-bellied) seemed to have stalled!”

Even though the venom of the brown snake is extremely lethal to humans, snake expert Chris Peberdy, widely known as the “reptile wrangler,” told Daily Mail Australia that the red-belly would have been relatively unaffected by the poison.

According to Mr. Peberdy, the black snake has evolved to become immune to the poison of other Australian snakes.

It gives black snakes an advantage over other reptiles and is something that makes them particularly special.

According to Mr. Peberdy, the remarkable quality is something that, with any luck, may be explored and used to benefit people.

He noted that it was “quite amazing that the black snake had developed the immunity” and added that he has seen death adders kill one another while being kept in different bags.


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