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Squeezed by the python, the jaguar used all his strength to get out of the python’s embrace and the unexpected ending


A leopard and a huge python fight each other on the savannah. The python is holding the leopard in place as the enormous cat watches from behind. This high-octane clip effectively demonstrates how “survival of the fittest” rules the wild.

A leopard and python were fighting in the underbrush when a group of tourists on a safari watched this amazing spectacle. They watched and retaliated with teeth and claws as the leopard fought the big serpent.

In the footage, the leopard jumped into the air when the snake got close to it. After a brief standoff between the two, the reptile eventually managed to encircle the animal. It appeared for a moment that the leopard would lose the fight as the reptile continued to encircle it and the enormous cat sought to flee. The huge cat eventually managed to escape, defeated the snake, and emerged victorious. Python became the leopard’s prey in the end.

After sustaining numerous puncture wounds, notably to the region around its head, the python was killed. A wound to its right front paw was plainly causing the leopard, who was also present, to limp away from the scene.

The two cannibals met at the riverbank, “a narrow alley” so a great war was inevitable.

Chris Brunskill is a wildlife photographer from the UK, on his Facebook page Chris Brunskill Wildlife Photography, he posted a video capturing the extremely rare sight of a jaguar and a python.

He said he discovered this unbelievable incident while exploring by boat in the Panatal wetlands in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil. When he s aw the jaguar, he decided to follow it and fortunately, he witnessed with his own eyes the sight of the jaguar “killing” a python.


He himself was completely surprised because “While I wasn’t paying much attention, the leopard dug its claws into the water and pulled up an anaconda,” Brunskill said.

Not missing the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, he recorded and photographed this 90-second war. Before being bitten by the jaguar, he swam in the middle of his body and dragged him ashore. The python has counterattacked several times with more than 1 bite hitting the leopard’s snout.

Brunskill considers himself very lucky to have witnessed the above scene because in fact very few people can observe this battle, even professional paparazzi like him.

According to Outdoor Photo, the jaguar caught the dead African python on a tree branch, but dragging the 4-meter-long carcass to the ground was not an easy task.

The leopard decided to climb the tree. It moved while biting the python carcass.

After a while, the python’s massive carcass got stuck in the middle of the tree, making the jaguar’s efforts futile.

However, determination as well as hunger prompted the jaguar to continue tugging at the carcass and it was eventually successful.

Photographs documenting the jaguar’s struggle were taken by photographer Villiers Steyn in the Sabi Sands reserve in Kruger National Park, South Africa, in early January.

“There was news that a python had died in the tree, so we decided to go and have a look that morning and found a male jaguar eating a python carcass. I’ve never seen a jaguar and a python in the same place. When carrying the carcass away to avoid other predators, the jaguar finished the meal leisurely and quietly,” Steyn shared.


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