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King kong got mad using one hand to wrestle the lion to the ground, the other hand grabbed the male lion’s hair and spun around because they dared to piss on its territory


In the dense jungle of North Africa, a cruel baboon kidnapped a lion cub and climbed a tree.

The mother lion could not bear her pain and climbed a tree to save her cub.

However, when the mother lion approached, the baboon fought with it. The battle between two ferocious animals takes place defiantly among the shady trees.

High-pitched hisses, tearing and smoldering welcome filled the air.

The brave and determined baboon did not stop attacking the mother lion, but the mother lion still fought with her last strength.


It was her last hope to save you.

But the lions came to save the situation. They teamed up to attack the baboons.

The final battle between the lion and the baboon has taken place. High-pitched hisses, biting, fire-smoke greetings and baboons barking filled the air.

In the end, the baboons were unable to fight the ferocious lions. They were eaten by lions to avenge their cubs.


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