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A Lesson in Adaptation: Cheetah’s Hunt for Baby Wild Boar Forces It to Rethink Strategies


Wild boar is a very special animal with compact size, 2 long front fangs become powerful weapons. They possess a fairly fast running speed and become aggressive when in danger.

Cheetah prefer meals from wild boar meat because they are quite nutritious and can easily bring wild boar back to the nest for the young.

Hunting wild boar is also a big challenge for cheetahs. Cheetahs often hide then rush out at high speed and surprise the wild boar.

The wild boar is also extremely alert and starts to run away, it constantly changes direction and tries to escape back to the nest.


The young wild boars would be the cheetah’s favorite subjects, but the mother wild boar would not. As soon as the cheetahs approached the young wild boar, the mother wild boar turned and attacked the cheetah.

There have been many special cases, cheetahs have received defeat against wild boar and possibly death.


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