“Dogs of Determination: Leopards’ Painful Defeat in Face of Unyielding Hunters”


The wild world is gradually being invaded by humans, and wild animals also regularly appear and fight with human pets.

A rare new footage has taken place and is going viral on social media quickly about a fight between a leopard and a pack of ferocious dogs.

A wandering leopard foraging near human habitation and was quickly spotted by dogs. The fight happened quickly and the leopard couldn’t have imagined what would happen next.

At first there were only a few dogs involved and the fight but then a lot of dogs. Leopards have begun to fear and dare not attack the dogs.


The dogs became increasingly aggressive and took turns attacking the leopard. The wounds were getting worse and worse and the leopard was still struggling to endure.

The strength of the dogs increased and the leopard received the most tragic end, no longer able to resist and almost motionless on the spot.

The video has human witness, despite trying to stop the fight, it still plays out in the worst way.


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