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Monkey smashes glass with a rock to try to escape the zoo.


Amazing Animal Genius Moments That Will Astound You!
Humans have a propensity to take our place at the top of the food chain for granted. We never stop to think about what makes us the most intelligent animals on the earth, yet we take it for granted that humans are. Is it our capacity for planning, our use of tools, the permanence of objects, or the development of intricate social networks? Some of those characteristics are shared by other animal species, and some show all of them.

Sharpening a pebble, the monkey then uses it to break the glass of its enclosure.

They claimed that the movie Planet of the Apes was made up. They were mistaken! Some of us have always suspected that monkeys are far more intelligent than they let on. They now know what to do in order to get out of zoos! At least one monkey knows that, I suppose. But I have a good feeling that others will soon do the same.


A charming monkey used a stone to break the glass wall of its enclosure, which stunned visitors to the Zhengzhou Zoo in Central China. The Columbian White-Faced Capuchin, however, was startled as well and fled when it understood what it had done.


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