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Suddenly witness the fierce battle of ‘snake and bat’


Snakes squeeze their prey, bats fight back fiercely, spread their wings and bite back at the enemy.

A resident living in the iSimangaliso wetland park area on the east coast of South Africa said: “It was almost dark, I was about to close the office and leave when suddenly an object fell from the roof. strange, up close it turned out to be a snake trying to squeeze the bat that had just rolled down.”

The bat is trying to fight back by spreading its wings and biting back at the enemy.


But it was useless when after 30 minutes of struggling, the bat finally lost.

The real challenge now comes to the winner, when how to swallow prey with outstretched wings?

With a flexible mouth, the snake swallowed its prey after 20 minutes of struggling to eat.

After witnessing the reality show about “animal world”, the man lured the snake into an tempz container and released it back into the wild.


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