“Rapid Revenge: 500 Hippo Brothers Band Together to Overpower and Defeat the Crocodile”


In contrast to crocodiles, hippos are not predators, they will only attack for the sake of self-defense. But once these two animals confront, which one is more harmful? Where will be the winning animal?

Recently a scene was recorded when a crocodile secretly ambushed in the swamp. Then the crocodile discovered a baby hippo standing alone. It immediately moved to attack, biting hard on its prey.

At this time, the mother hippo is looking for food. The hippopotamus is not a carnivore, perhaps it did not think that just leaving his baby not long ago, the baby hippo was attacked by a crocodile, bitten to death mercilessly. The other crocodile only took a bite and bitten the baby hippo, throwing it back and forth. The baby hippo has finally turned into a ferocious crocodile’s lunch

While the crocodile was full and was pleased with the spoils he had just obtained, the mother hippo saw this scene, it immediately ran over. At this time, the crocodile did not know anything. By the time the crocodile felt that there was movement behind, the “death” was right next to it.The mother hippo angrily rushed over, biting the crocodile’s body. Chi struggled to escape from the mother hippo.


But the strength of this huge hippo made the crocodile unable to escape. After a long struggle, the crocodile was finally bitten to death by the mother hippo.

Crocodiles are used to dragging their prey underwater to make it easier to attack, but this time the hippo is not afraid of water, so the crocodile has no way to escape.

Apparently the hippopotamus is not a carnivore, and the fact that it bit the crocodile to death is just because it wants to avenge its children. After killing the crocodile, the mother hippo returned to the body of the baby hippo, lying still as if regretting why she left the baby hippo alone only to be attacked by the crocodile. It seems that even animals have extremely sacred maternal feelings.


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