“Lion Family’s Retreat: Mother Buffalo’s Relentless Defense of Her Territory”


The wild world is both beautiful and cruel. Basically, wildlife society also has conflicts and disputes like humans.

On December 12, Danica Roux’s family caught a scene like a movie in Kruger National Park (South Africa).

For some reason, an adult female lion got lost in the herd and walked into the middle of the muscular buffalo herd. Looking over, I saw hundreds of children standing in a corner of the river.

Basically, buffalo is not an easy prey to eat with lions. However, just one adult buffalo carcass is enough for the whole herd, so sometimes lions still join forces to destroy. However, this time the predator’s fate came to a dead end.

Lost in the midst of hundreds of animals that both fear and hate lions and predators in general – wild buffaloes both trample and use their sharp horns to violently push the ill lioness back and forth.


In the video, the Roux family can be heard saying: “The buffalo killed the lioness.”

After a few minutes of chaos, the lion’s carcass was dumped into the water, putting an end to the proud predator. This scene reminds viewers of movies with gangster themes, with a not-so-good ending with brutal bosses.

In fact, lions and wild predators often target small, vulnerable animals rather than crashing into the middle of a herd of buffalo like this. Few people know that the African buffalo is one of the five largest mammals on this continent (including lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants), adults can weigh up to 1 ton.


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