The lion king surrenders to the death power of the elephant and begs to be washed away from hatred


Elephants are quite gentle and friendly animals with other animals, they rarely face danger because of their largest size in the wild.

Lonely elephants sometimes get lost in lion hunts, but they know how to survive. A fight between an elephant and 14 lions will prove it all.

The lost elephant was surrounded by a dry river, the lions took turns to attack the elephant. The elephant tries to move and knocks the lions to the ground.

The fight became more and more fierce and the elephant became more and more angry at being disturbed. The elephant tries to separate the lions by running into the water, then it quickly counterattacks and knocks the other lions off of its body.


The elephant then successfully escaped across the dry river and the lions failed with this great hunt.

Elephants also show their strength as well as their intelligence. To take down a healthy elephant with a lion is impossible.


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